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Dean Boyd

Dean Boyd Dean founded Cascade in 2002 with Tom Guardino as a vehicle for a small team of highly experienced consultants to provide high value, tailored solutions to a select set of clients.

Cascade Experience
Dean himself has over 35 years of experience in helping clients identify and capitalize on opportunities for improved performance and profitable growth through smart pricing and systematic optimization of profit throughout the enterprise. For example, at Schneider National, Dean and the Cascade team worked with SNI to implement customized pricing which integrates market and cost information with strategic business objectives to set lane level prices by account. As another example, Dean led a Cascade collaboration with Polar Air Cargo to develop processes and tools to allocate network capacity to the most profitable mix of origin-destination markets. In parallel the team developed a sales incentive system to reward the Sales Team for achieving the enterprise profit optimizing goals for the network.

Prior Experience

Before Cascade, Dean founded Decision Focus, Inc. in 1977 and worked for 25 years creating, developing, and successfully implementing revenue management, smart pricing, and enterprise profit optimization solutions that, in many cases, still define the state-of-the-art. At DFI he was Senior Account Manager for a major engagement with United Parcel Service to develop a system to produce profitable contract incentives for over $12 billion of their commercial business. Dean was also the Senior Account Manager on a major engagement at Ford Motor Company to design and implement a system to profitably target $10 billion in annual marketing incentives.

Dean has assisted many clients across a broad spectrum of industries identify and capitalize on opportunities for profitable growth. Within the freight industry, he has worked in package express, air cargo, container shipping, LTL, TL, and railroads. Within manufacturing, he has worked in automobile manufacturing, heavy trucks, and office equipment. He also has extensive experience in electric power, hotels, rental cars, and passenger airlines.

Dean has degrees in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University.

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