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Sales Planning and Management

Sales Planning and Management Cascade’s approach to Sales Planning and Management is based on leveraging a fundamental perspective of the market for the firm’s products or services.  Combining an understanding of how customer buying behavior drives demand with an understanding of how supplying the requested products or services drives the company’s costs allows Cascade to develop account management, selling, and incentive strategies that are totally in sync with the client’s most profitable approach to the market.

•    Manage Existing Customers or Accounts – By segmenting customers based on their measured buying behavior and profitability, develop the appropriate customer management strategies.
•    Sell to Profitable New Customers – Using explicit market segmentation, identify the characteristics of potential new customers who promise attractive profit opportunities.
•    Provide Appropriate Incentives to Sales Team – Leveraging the understanding of customer buying behavior, provide objective benchmarks for measuring the performance of the Sales Team and for awarding incentives.

Focused guidance to the Sales Team leads to active management of existing business combined with targeted initiatives to build new business and leads to the most profitable overall mix of business.

Aligning Sales Incentives With Performance Goals
Cascade worked with Polar Air Cargo to develop a sales incentive program that rewards the Sales Team for achieving business goals and encourages them to seek profitable additional business for the network. The incentives reinforce Polar’s planning process and the resulting business plan and stimulate improvements that strengthen performance.

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