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Workforce Recruiting and Retention

Workforce Recruiting and Retention It is a truism that employees are a company's most valuable asset.  They can also be the most expensive to acquire and retain.  Adding some science to employee recruiting and retention can have a major impact on enterprise profitability.  

Cascade works with clients on a number of workforce issues, including:
  • Wage Structure – What’s the right wage structure to recruit target employees?
  • Screening – How should potential recruits be screened to maximize long term employee value and retention?
  • Incentives – What are the most effective incentives to offer to retain employees?
  • Employee Demographics – What employee demographics are most useful in predicting potential success in our business?
  • Accident Prevention – How do we identify potential recruits who are most likely to be accident free in the workplace?
  • Macroeconomic Factors – What is the impact of macroeconomic factors and wages in competitive industries on our ability to recruit and retain workers?
  • Total Impact – What is the total annual cost of a worker as a function of the demographic profile describing the worker’s characteristics?
Cascade’s emphasis is on integrating all the pieces that determine how much it costs to maintain a productive workforce.  Thus we work with clients to profitably manage capacity management and ensure safe and reliable capacity by integrating recruiting, training, and operations.

Leveraging Work Force for Competitive Advantage
Cascade worked with a major transportation services company facing a shortfall in recruiting. Cascade and the client developed a framework that integrated recruiting, training, and operations and allowed the company to more profitably manage its recruiting and training and better target its pay scales. The framework is driven by a set of statistical forecasts that leverage company and macroeconomic information to forecast recruiting effectiveness, safety history, and retention.

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