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Work Force Recruiting and Retention

Leveraging Work Force for Competitive Advantage

Work Force Recruiting and Retention Cascade worked with a major transportation company that was facing a shortfall in recruiting. Its turnover rates were low for the industry, but increasing. The company wanted to determine how best to hire and retain the number and quality of transportation workers needed to meet its business plans.

Exploratory data analysis produced a number of quick and interesting insights:

  • Older workers were generally less likely to pass the training course, but once they were trained, they stayed with the company for longer.
  • Workers who were referred by an existing employee or who applied online were more likely to pass training.
  • There were notable differences in retention across the country, and between urban and rural areas.
Leveraging insights such as these, Cascade developed a model to calculate the total value of a worker, given their expected productivity, training costs, salary, turnover, safety record, and workers compensation. With this, the client was able to understand the potential value of a diverse set of programs, including:
  • Retention programs.
  • Targeted referrals.
  • Recruiting programs.
  • Applicant screening.
  • Safety programs.
  • Advertising channels.
A related model focused specifically on the client’s pay scale. It showed how recruiting success and retention depended on the pay scale compared to competitive scales (from inside and outside the industry), and on regional macroeconomic factors such as the unemployment rate. The client was able to use the pay model to determine the right targets for wage increases to improve recruiting success, increase retention, and meet capacity goals in the most cost effective way.

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