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Success Stories

The Cascade team emphasizes achieving high value and high quality results fast. The team members are thought leaders and have numerous patents and patents pending for models and processes to increase profitability. At the same time, they are serious practitioners and have a track record of successful applications. Partners at Cascade have been responsible for highly successful efforts in industries ranging from automobile manufacturing to truckload transportation services. As a team, they are uniquely qualified to help clients identify and capitalize on opportunities for improved performance and profitable growth.
  • Asset Deployment and Valuation
    Assessing the Value of Future Electric Technologies

    The Cascade team worked with the Electric Power Research Institute to create a model of the U.S. electric power system that simulates capacity expansion and the effects of changing electricity markets and advancing technologies. EPRI has successfully applied the Cascade methodology in a range of applications to better prioritize R&D, evaluate the impact of changing regulations and policy and plan for future electricity markets. Read full story

  • Forecasting Drivers of Business Performance
    Anticipating Business Trends Through Targeted Data Mining

    Getting the most insight possible out of the available information that might support a particular decision is a key to maximizing competitive advantage. Cascade mines public and company proprietary data sources to provide focused forecasts to support decision making. Read full story

  • New Product Commercialization
    Designing Profitable Market Strategies

    Cascade worked with Targeted Growth, Inc., a leading agricultural biotechnology company, to develop a framework to evaluate the commercial potential of its products. TGI has used the framework to identify critical product investments needed for commercial viability, given key uncertainties in both technical performance and future market prices. Read full story

  • Price and Promotion Optimization
    Profitable Pricing with Branding Impact

    Cascade and Schneider National developed Customized Pricing to systematically integrate market and network cost information with strategic business objectives to set lane-level prices by account. SNI's key objective was to set more profitable prices in a highly price sensitive environment, while leveraging the companyís brand advantage. Read full story

  • Sales Planning and Management
    Aligning Sales Incentives With Performance Goals

    Cascade worked with Polar Air Cargo to develop a sales incentive program that rewards the Sales Team for achieving business goals and encourages them to seek profitable additional business for the network. The incentives reinforce Polarís planning process and the resulting business plan and stimulate improvements that strengthen performance. Read full story

  • Operations Planning
    Responding Profitably to Changing Business Conditions

    Cascade worked with Polar Air Cargo to develop a revenue management system and supporting processes to help Polar select the most profitable mix of opportunities for its global network. The collaboration focused equally on developing appropriate forecasting and optimization tools and on improving the tactical decision process to apply the tools effectively and increase discipline and accountability. Read full story

  • Work Force Recruiting and Retention
    Leveraging Work Force for Competitive Advantage

    Cascade worked with a major transportation services company facing a shortfall in recruiting. Cascade and the client developed a framework that integrated recruiting, training, and operations and allowed the company to more profitably manage its recruiting and training and better target its pay scales. The framework is driven by a set of statistical forecasts that leverage company and macroeconomic information to forecast recruiting effectiveness, safety history, and retention. Read full story

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