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How We Are Different

Truly Customized Solutions
Cascade collaborates with clients to design and implement fully customized solutions. There is no cookie cutter approach that can be pulled off the shelf and adapted to each new opportunity. Rather, success requires carefully tailoring the solution to meet the specific needs of each client’s business.

Complete Range of Services
In developing customized solutions, Cascade offers a complete range of services as appropriate. This can be consulting in strategy and tactics or the development of tailored processes and the supporting decision support systems. We can design and implement tailored software solutions to meet client requirements, but we are not a software products company.

Fast Time to Market
Our emphasis is on fast time to application for initial business benefits. Using rapid prototyping methods we design solutions that give valuable bottom-line results fast, yet, at the same time, efficiently and effectively phase into full production. With Cascade there is no lengthy wait before the results of your investments begin to be realized.

Ability to Leverage Information
Cascade is the best in the business at leveraging information with a focus on making good business decisions. For success, we have to go far beyond just mining the available data for nuggets of insight. It is only by understanding how customer, market, and competitive data actually drive key decisions that a company’s information can most effectively be used to drive profitability.

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